Urban Classics Ladies 3 -Tone Light Track Jacket white/silver - M

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The super stylish and light track jacket combines fashionable look with supreme functionality. A sophisticated material mix let the neon colored seams shimmer transparently – across the front, the back and the sleeves in a double jagged pattern. Functional practicality comes from pockets and elastic drawstrings in neon colors with transparent stoppers. Adjust them to your liking to make the high collar and waistline fit perfectly. Elastic cuffs provide additional wearing comfort. A delightful and sporty summer jacket that leaves nothing to chance. Farba: white/silver Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 100% Polyester, 20D*20D, Oberstoff 2: 100% Nylon, 40D Nylon, 65 GSMOberstoff 3: 100% Polyester, 228T taslon,